ICAP issues a wide range of publications directed at a broad readership, including the general public, policy-makers, public health and social policy specialists, health advocates, scientists and scholars, beverage alcohol industry members, educators, and prevention program staff.

Along with a variety of meeting reports, consensus statements, and occasional papers, we produce a number of periodic publications. ICAP Series on Alcohol in Society consists of scholarly books published by Taylor & Francis. Semi-annual ICAP Reports summarize current scientific information on a given topic, providing cross-country comparisons where possible.  ICAP Reviews, coming out periodically since 2005, offer an opinion on key issues in the field and are independently authored and peer reviewed.  ICAP Periodic Review on Drinking and Culture presents English translations of work published in central, eastern, and southern Europe.

ICAP has also taken the initiative through broad international consultation to assist in developing transparent guidelines governing alcohol policy research (The Dublin Principles)  and alcohol policy development (The Geneva Partnership on Alcohol), and provides an evolving series of practical guides to addressing specific issues related to alcohol consumption, policy development, and prevention (ICAP Policy Tools).

Most of ICAP publications are available online and many have been translated in part or in full into several languages.

  • ICAP Reviews
    Independently authored reviews of alcohol issues